Get tested

It might not be your turn for the vaccine yet and you still need to go out and about for work, see people or even just pop to the shops.
So why not make sure you don’t have covid with a simple rapid test?

There are three rapid testing centres open until the end of March offering free rapid testing to anyone in the community – as long as they don’t have symptoms or should be isolating.

For some key workers – such as child care, delivery, taxi and mini-cab drivers, shop staff, in fact anyone who can’t work from home – it is recommended they get tested twice a week.

It is estimated around one in three people who have covid don’t have any symptoms but could still be contagious, passing on the virus to others they come into contact with. A quick and easy test could give you the peace of mind to do your job without worry. Just make sure you keep doing hands-face-space!
You can get tested at:
*    The Centre, Farnham Road – Tuesday to Saturday, 8am til 8pm (Sat til 6pm)
*    Langley Pavilion, Langley Road – Tuesday to Saturday, 8am til 6pm
*    Arbour Park – Tuesday to Saturday, 8am til 6pm
You can book (see link below) or just pop in during opening hours.
For more information on mass rapid testing or to book an appointment see: