The #OneSlough Community Champion Scheme

Tier 3 After Lockdown

New coronavirus restrictions – The national lockdown finishes on December 2nd. Following the end of lockdown, Slough will enter into coronavirus Tier 3 on Wednesday 2nd December.

For the full restrictions on Tier 3 please head to

Please share this news with your contacts, networks, friends and families and encourage them to keep following the key messages of Hands, Face and Space.


Are you able to spread the word to get more Champions signed up in the Slough area, we need to be able to communicate with more people to be able to really spread our messages. if every champion could persuade 3 more people to sign up it would really help.

Ask them to sign up on the champions website

Action –  Please help us to get more champions signed up so we can get our messages our effectively to as many people as possible.

Slough Cases are rising!

We need your help to encourage people to understand that cases are rising in and around Slough. We are currently experiencing much higher rates of transmission than our geographic neighbours so we really do need to tell everyone to follow the lockdown guidance so we can get things under control.

When we reduce our day-to-day contact with other people, we reduce the spread of the infection. That is why we must…

  1. Stay at home, except for specific purposes.
  2. Avoid meeting people you do not live with, except for specific purposes.
  3. Close certain businesses and venues.

you can read the full lockdown guidance on the government website at the following link..


In addition, the Berkshire Public Health dashboard helps to show exactly how we compare with our local neighbours, please share this with your network.